An Exploration Into the Future of Digital Money

Digital Currency is the Future. Whether We Like it or Not..

What is Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is a digital currency which uses strong principles of money. Paper currency, on the other hand, is not sound money. Eventually governments and central banks print so much of the stuff that it becomes worthless. That’s why the price of Bitcoin continues to rise against all paper currencies. History is repeating. What are you doing to protect your wealth against theft by the state?

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Projects I’ve Been Involved In

I left the corporate world in 2016 and spent some time travelling, writing, and starting a small safari business. I currently write for CCN/HVY as a freelance writer and continue to look for meaningful opportunities in the cryptocurrency & web design space.


Currently writing part-time for CCN, a US-focused publication that specialises in finance and cryptocurrency.

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Adventure Anywhere

Small safari business I ran with a friend. Running tours mostly for American and European guests to major safari destinations in South Africa.

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Bedcorp eCommerce

An eCommerce solution I built for a client who runs a bed business.

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Previously a freelancer for American cryptocurrency publication CoinCentral.

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Latest Posts

I try to add posts here when I find time. I write more regularly for CoinCentral.

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I’ve Started Writing for CCN

I’ve just recently started writing for CCN as of May 2019. My writing has extended to other financial topics focused primarily on US markets. We’ll see how this gig goes[…]

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Jun 10, 2019 0
Bitcoin eyes

What is Bitcoin | A Beginners Guide

You may have only recently come in contact with Bitcoin. Maybe you saw a news headline or your techy son or daughter has been transferring some to his or her[…]

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New Finance | Rethinking the Governance of Money

I, like many others, love the promise of Bitcoin. It’s a censorship-resistant currency with a hard cap that doesn’t steal the purchasing power of the masses through infinite paper printing.[…]

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Jan 3, 2019 0

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