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The Future Is Decentralized

Crypto Fundamentals

You Cannot Separate Blockchain from It’s Underlying Currency

You Cannot Separate Blockchain from it’s Underlying Currency There is an annoying trend among main stream media of so-called experts trashing a cryptocurrency but praising it’s underlying technology, blockchain. Here’s one such example: Ex Goldman Sachs President Says Global Cryptocurrency Will Come But it’s not Bitcoin This shows a complete lack of understanding on how…
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May 11, 2018 0
Crypto Portfolio

The Most Important Thing to Consider When Building Your Crypto Portfolio

Building your crypto portfolio. The fundamental mistake most new investors to crypto make is measuring your investment in dollars, rands or the paper currency of your country. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t consider it but rather that the new benchmark for all of crypto and I would argue (controversially) all of finance too,…
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Apr 10, 2018 0

What is a Cryptocurrency?

What is a currency? Before we get into the details about cryptocurrency let’s briefly define what a currency is first: Store of value Unit of account Medium of exchange Store of Value Money has value if it is scarce, in other words if it has a limited supply. Too much of something usually reduces the…
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Mar 22, 2018 1

Advertising Models Ripe for Disruption

Advertising models are ripe for disruption. There is a worrying trend in digital companies whose revenue is generated primarily through advertising, ad spamming. The culprits? You know who I’m talking about, the Facebook’s and Google’s of this world. In a recent search I did, not a single organic result appearedĀ above the fold: This kind of…
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Mar 12, 2018 0

A Tale of Bubbles

Everywhere I look, people are punting the idea of the bitcoin bubble. It’s almost as if the word bubble has become the new buzzword compared to bitcoin. Of course most of these sources are controlled by the elite – Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, Central Banks and so on. This strikes me as a classic case of…
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Feb 12, 2018 1

Oh Soul a Soul I knew

Oh soul a soul I know Slips quietly into the night Last throes it held To say goodbyes Through lullabies and tears of silence Illusions fade to black The loyal guards Their posts demand they turn their back Oh soul a soul I know Slips quietly into the night The shackles verge on breaking ground…
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Nov 11, 2016 0